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Meet Alex

Alex's entire life has revolved around real estate.  Every facet of his professional career has contributed to budding real estate investment AND sales careers.


While in high school, Alex worked in a Benjamin Moore boutique where he would frequently colour consult in-store and on-site.  His involvement and training with Benjamin Moore helped him develop competency in decor.

Alex was an operations manager at a giant, fast paced entertainment complex where he had authority over, and was responsible for over 500 employees.  Managing high profile corporate, political, and entertainment events gave Alex a strong understanding of human behavior, while his daunting duties groomed his ability to take on any challenge.


Alex is privileged to be a second generation real estate investor. His immediate, and extended family have been investing in Toronto properties for decades, and have groomed Alex into the ideal investor and manager.  Alex has experienced the real estate transaction process from the buyer AND seller's perspective many times.

​Alex studied Economics at the University of Toronto. He has a strong understanding of today's economic markets, allowing him to efficiently make decisions on what to expect in house prices, economic trends, and mortgage rates.


Alex will offer YOU:

Two generations of real estate investment experience.

His useful knowledge in residential construction jobs.

Formally trained design and decor knowledge.

Connections with highly successful Toronto businesspeople.

Understanding of economic trends, and financing advice.

Motivation, and devotion to upstanding service.

Whether it be a simple inquiry, or a long-lasting partnership, Alex is here for YOU.

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