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Alex did such a great job selling our family home.  He made sure everybody knew about our property, and that reflected in the results.  Does your realtor knock on doors to hand out flyers he made about your house?  Mine does.

Thank you Alex!

D. P.


Me and my husband bought our first home with Alex.  After asking him a zillion questions, and asking him to view, and re-view multiple properties, he patiently catered to our every need.  


If that isn't enough, we almost offered an extra $18,000 during negotiations, which Alex insistently talked us out of.  We got the house without changing our offer - I'm SO glad we listened!


S.C. and J.C.

North York

I'm new to Toronto.  I didn't know anything about rental laws.  Alex gave me peace of mind, and made sure that my some-20 page lease didn't have anything funny in it.  I still live in, and love my apartment we found together.


When I met Alex, I met with a realtor, little did I know that he would eventually be a friend.



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This guy gets it.  He actually returns your calls, shows up on time, and isn't just in it for the money. Years after buying my condo, I still call Alex for advice, and he always takes my calls. 


I have never met a realtor who seems to genuinely care about his clients as much as Alex does.



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