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For Buyers

It takes more than an experienced real estate professional to understand the needs of buyers.  Buying conditions constantly change - mortgage documentation requirements, environmental regulations, and even basic legalities to buying a home constantly change.  A homebuyer must perform proper due diligence, or, better yet, work with an professional to assist them in the process.


I offer my assistance to anyone who has inquiries about the tumultuous real estate market.  There are plenty of things to do:

MLS Search Assistance


I help you understand your target neighborhood using the broad, and informative MLS search function.  Tens of thousands of properties are at my fingertips with this powerful tool - and I will assist you in an efficient property search.

Automated Search Results

I will create an automated search function through e-mail to keep you informed of new listings and price reductions to your target properties as they become available.

Preparation for Viewings


After gaining some understanding of the market, I guide you to the next steps before viewing properties.  Alex can put you in touch with any resource, and advice needed to ensure that your search is streamlined to better meet your goals

Physical Viewings


We go out into the field together!  I have been actively searching for properties with and for high volume investors.  I will provide input that you will surely miss, and educate you on some prospecting tips to qualifying properties of value!

Price Negotiations

Nobody wants to enter a dual unarmed. I will arm you with a full financial, and opportunity cost analysis of all properties of interest. My home buying experience to help you formulate the best price negotiation strategy.

Inspection and Repair Negotiation

A property inspection gives you the piece of mind that your target property is safe to buy.  Most lenders will arrange their own appraisal, so why wouldnt you want to get it inspected first?


Whether cosmetic, or structural, your target property must meet your expectations.  I am excellent at pricing nearly any job necessary, and can refer you to some reliable contractors.

Contracts to Closing

The long list of tasks, documents, and delivery deadlines involved in a real estate transaction are coordinated by me, and my closing assistance staff at Forest Hill Real Estate Inc.  We will guide you to the bitter end of this arduous transaction.


From title insurance to surveys, and mortgage documents, I am here for you.

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