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Owning rental properties in Toronto is a very rewarding experience.  With rising rent rates, consistent capital appreciation, tax benefits, and deduction incentives, it has never been a better time to rent your extra space.

Despite strong financial incentives to renting, managing tenant relations in accordance to the Residential Tenancies Act has also never been tougher.  Tenants are savvier than ever before, and some actively take advantage of what has recently become one-sided rental legislation with strong support for Tenants.

Landlords can actively prevent disputes, and issues by having the correct guidance not only in tenant selection, but also in proper management of agreements.

Alex's experience as a real estate investor can help you with:

Excellent marketing, and market analysis to ensure you get the best yields the market can provide.

Renovation guidance which are low-risk, while ensuring you receive the maximum profit for your asset.

Stringent tenant qualification vetting.

Fair, and carefully drafted lease agreements which reinforce respect and conformity to the Residential Tenancies Act.

Proper guidance, and support throughout the lease in managing your new tenant.

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