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Preparing Your Home for Sale

Following these low-cost, but handy tips/chores will ensure that your home is looking it's best



Trim the grass and bushes.

Plant/replant flower beds.

Wash front windows, and repair screens. 

Paint accents, including the front door.

Shovel snow, and scrape ice off walkways.

Remove grease stains on driveways with eco-friendly solvent.



Depersonalize your home by taking down personal photos, large trophies, or anything else that would distract potential buyers from appreciating the property.

Paint the indoors.  Pastel colours are the least offensive for potential buyers, and reflects light to make the house seem brighter.

Closets, cupboards, and any other storage area should be decluttered, and clean.

Replace, or fix old fixtures.  Water taps and door knobs are an example of these. They will always be touched, and the look and feel of new ones give positive reinforcement to potential buyers.

Deodorize, and clean carpets with a professional carpet cleaner. Alternatively, a professional carpet cleaner is worth considering.

Remove any rotted wood - this is very common under kitchen sinks. Discovered rotted wood  will make the buyer wonder what else could potentially be rotten.

Wallpaper is very taste dependent - consider removing if it is particularly flashy.

Be aware of odors caused by pets, cooking, or cigarettes. Potential buyers will certainly notice the smell, even if you don't.

Clean everything from top to bottom, even if it means hiring a cleaning team.

Ensure that basements not only have dehumidifiers on, but also, check for mold in typically unexpected areas.

Ensure that all lighting have warm bulbs.  An inexpensive change will make the home more homey, as opposed to more industrial with daylight bulbs.


Declutter, and throw out all accumulated items which is not being used anymore.  If decluttering is substantial, consider using a service and/or ordering a bin.

Paint accents and doors. If the garage is wood, paint siding as well.

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